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A broad curriculum and a global perspective are features of Latvian education that give students the knowledge and skills they need to launch themselves into a better future. The possibility for cross-cultural exposure and personal growth is provided by studying in Latvia.

Due to its prestigious globally recognised degrees; government-approved universities; exchange semesters or internships abroad; affordable tuition fees; on-campus housing provided; moderate living costs; and abundance of recreational and sporting opportunities, Latvia continues to be a fantastic country for studying abroad in Europe.

A multi-ethnic nation, Latvia is rich in numerous cultural and educational traditions. In a wide range of academic subjects, Latvia's higher education institutions participate in international collaboration. Researchers and academic professionals from many nations are available in Latvia for study and research. Universities also provide academic and professional bachelor's and master's degrees taught in English. The cost of living and tuition are typically lower than in most "Western Countries." University graduates with a strong background in engineering and information technology are well renowned. Since Latvia is an EU member, its degrees are similar to those from other EU nations, making it simpler to have credentials recognised.

You will enjoy all the advantages of living in a European nation at a cost that is cheaper than many westernised EU nations.

Why Study in Latvia?

What makes it ideal for so many people?

Due to its reputation as a country that sings, Latvians assert that their home is a symphony of sights, sounds, and sensations. The Latvian government has placed a high priority on education and has implemented various educational reforms that have helped to make it a prime location for study abroad programmes.

  • Universities in Latvia provide both state-funded and fee-paying higher education options. To ensure that the most deserving students receive government funding, scholarship programmes carefully select their applicants. In Latvia, there are two different kinds of higher education programmes available: academic and professional. Both of these degrees are offered by Latvian universities, however there are a number of non-university-type institutions there that exclusively provide students with a professional education.

  • Higher education adheres to the Bologna System, which is broken down into three distinct levels: bachelor's studies, master's studies, and doctoral studies. After three or four years of regular study, a bachelor's degree is granted. On the other hand, a master's degree can only be earned after getting a bachelor's and completing an additional year or two of study. Students should hold a master's degree or a diploma equivalent before enrolling in doctoral programmes. Advanced coursework and the creation of a doctoral thesis are required during the three to four years of doctoral studies.

    The fact that schooling is so reasonably priced in Latvia is one of the main benefits. In comparison to many Western countries, the cost of living is lower, including tuition. In Latvia, engineering is a very popular field of study, and the country's universities are renowned for turning out excellent engineering and IT graduates. A degree from Latvia is equivalent to one from any other EU nation because it is a member of the EU as well.

    So even with far lower living expenses and other fees, you can still pursue a higher education in a European nation.

Here are some benefits of studying in the


Internationally recognized Degree

Not only will studying in Latvia deliver a high-quality education, but it will also result in a degree that is acknowledged around the world. Students who choose to study in Latvia will experience a top-notch education while living in a nation with a booming economy. In terms of internet speed, Latvia is rated seventh in the world. Latvia is a great place to study because it has a booming economy and a variety of sectors.

Get Quality education at Affordable Fees

Most individuals think that higher-quality education will cost more money. What if, however, the same higher education was available for less money? Studying in Latvia will cost Indian students roughly as much as studying here in India. Latvia offers all of the courses at very reasonable tuition costs, whether they are Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral Level courses. In Latvia, there are numerous public, commercial, and technical institutions that help students develop into better versions of themselves.

Study in Advanced Education System

The Bologna Education System, which is in line with the American Credit System and thus recognised throughout Europe, the US, and other countries, is used in Latvia and offers students a higher-level, higher-quality education. The universities and higher education institutions in Latvia have effective infrastructure, high-caliber faculty, and courses that are structured to enable students to collaborate in international teams both at home and abroad and to successfully compete in the global marketplace.

Work along with studying

Depending on their grades and other factors, some universities in Latvia offer their students the chance to intern. Students are permitted to work while pursuing their education. Students will benefit financially from this as well as have the opportunity to engage with European companies. Additionally, it is permissible for students to work a 20-hour per week part-time job while they are in school, which will enable them to budget their spending.

After study options

After completing your studies, you have two options: either stay in your native country or return with a degree that is internationally recognised, giving you an advantage over other applicants and expanding your work options. If you plan to stay in any European nation, you can apply for a job search visa that is valid for six months after which you can work there and eventually seek for permanent residency. In addition, this degree will give you a lot of chances if you decide to relocate outside of the European Union.

Study in Midst of nature

Who would refuse the chance to attend school in one of the world's top 50 greenest nations? Latvia is a country rich in natural wonders, with expansive woods and a lengthy coastline. Latvia has a clean environment as a result of its wealth in natural resources. Along with stunning natural scenery, Latvia also offers some spectacular architectural designs.

Wide range of course options

Students have many different course options in Latvia. Latvia offers its students a wide range of possibilities, from mechanical to electrical to public health to management. Depending on their interests, students can select a course option. There are numerous specialisation possibilities available in Latvian universities in the fields of finance, human resource management, project management, etc.


Scholarships from Latvian Institutes are available to students based on their academic performance. Additionally, government scholarships are offered to support several international students.

Entry Requirements

It is challenging to get accepted into institutions because one must take tests like CMAT, CAT, JEE, etc. if they want to study in a reputable institution. Additionally, if one wishes to get in, they must compete against many other applicants. On the other side, Latvian institutions offer a very quick and straightforward admissions process that makes it simple for students to obtain an international degree.

No IELTS, not a problem

If you wish to study abroad, having a low IELTS score is no longer a roadblock. The entry criteria for Latvian educational institutions state that the student's most recent education was completed in English.

How To Study In Latvia

Secondary education and higher education are both parts of the Latvian educational system. In Latvia, general education lasts a total of 12 years, including the required 9 years of basic education and 3 years of secondary education.

In Latvia, there are academic and professional programmes available. The majority of higher education institutions provide both academic and professional higher education credentials.

Academic higher education programmes tend to focus more on preparing graduates for independent research and for professional activities by giving them a theoretical foundation. Programs for academic education are carried out in accordance with national criteria for academic education. They result in Bachelor's and Master's Degrees and each step concludes with a thesis.

In-depth knowledge in specific subjects is typically provided through professional higher education degree programmes, training graduates for creation or enhancement of systems, products, and technologies as well as preparing them for creative, research, and teaching activities in these fields.

A bachelor's degree programme may last three or four years. The combined duration of a full-time Bachelor's and Master's programme is at least five years. Three to four years are needed to complete a doctorate.

Professional studies in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy (5 and 6 year studies) are equivalent to master's degree programmes, and graduates of these programmes are eligible to enrol in doctoral level programmes.

Admission to doctorate studies requires a master's degree or its equivalent. A doctoral degree is granted following the successful completion of exams in the selected scientific field and the public defence of a doctoral thesis. The results of original research as well as brand-new understandings in the field of science must be included in the PhD thesis. Doctoral study lasts for three to four years.

Congratulations on your decision to pursue your Bachelor's or Master's degree in Latvia, one of Europe's greenest nations. You may take advantage of some of the world's fastest internet connections as well as breathtaking natural scenery.

But what are the essential procedures that prospective foreign students from outside of Latvia should adhere to? Let's see!

1. Find a Latvian university to apply to

Here are a few of Latvia's finest universities to get you started:
1. Riga Technical University
2. Riga Stradins University
3. University of Latvia
4. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

2. Learn where to submit your university application

Latvia doesn't use a system of universal application. If you're an international student, you should research each university's policies.
Filling out an online application form and providing your documents—typically translated copies—by mail or online are both possible steps in this process.

3. Meet the university entry requirements

Some of the most typical requirements for admission to universities in Latvia are given below:
>> submitted application form
>> proof of paying the application fee (if applicable)
>> high school diploma (to apply for a Bachelor's)
>> Bachelor's diploma (to apply for a Master's)
>> transcript of records
>> proof of English proficiency
>> proof of financial resources (to live and study there)
>> medical certificate
>> passport-sized photo(s)
>> copy of valid passport and/or personal ID
>> letter(s) of recommendation
>> personal statement
>> online interview (only at some universities)

4. Meet the language requirements

You must show that your language proficiency is strong enough to enrol in a degree program in Latvia that is taught in English. You must ace one of the following international exams to qualify for this:

• IELTS Academic
• PTE Academic

5. Apply before the application deadlines

There are two primary admissions periods for institutions in Latvia:
autumn intake: deadlines in July-August
winter intake: deadlines in December-January
Keep an eye on the official dates at all times because any university may alter these schedules. Don't be afraid to ask the university for further details before applying because in some circumstances, deadlines can vary based on your nationality.

6. Confirm your enrolment after receiving the acceptance letter/university offer

Study in Latvia requirements
>> A filled Long Stay Visa Application Form of the Republic of Latvia.
>> One passport size photo (size 35mm x 45 mm), taken during visa submission
>> A Valid Passport
>> Copies of the identification and information pages of previously issued visas (if any)
>> OCMA approved invitation.
>> Study Agreement 
>> Written certification issued by the higher education institution or college
>> Proof of sufficient financial means
>> Proof of Accommodation
>> Proof of Sponsorship  
>> Proof of the Previous Education
>> Ticket Reservation
>> Travel Medical Insurance of minimum coverage of 42,600 EUR.
>> Visa fee of 60 EUR (Masters and PhD students exempted)
>> Confirmation slip

Top Universities to Study in Latvia

Latvijas Universitate

Rigas Tehniska universitate

Latvijas Lauksaimniecibas universitate

Rezeknes Tehnologiju Akademija

Rigas Stradina Universitate

Biznesa augstskola Turiba

Daugavpils Universitate

Latvijas Makslas akademija

Rigas Ekonomikas augstskola

Liepajas Universitate

Cost of studying and living in Latvia

The average cost of living, according to polls, should be between €450 and €750, but don't forget that it varies depending on your choice of housing, transportation, daily necessities, energy costs, food, and clothing. The tuition at Latvian universities may vary slightly based on the course and the institution you select, so students who enjoy seeing new areas should plan to pay more. However, as is the case in the majority of study abroad locations, there is a disparity between the fees paid by students from Latvia and those from other nations.

Education in Latvia

  • In comparison to universities in other EU nations, Latvian universities still have comparatively low and inexpensive tuition rates. As was previously mentioned, your choice of programme and university will have a small impact on the programme expenses in Latvia. The tuition costs that Latvian students pay locally and those that students from other European nations pay vary. In general, non-EU students are expected to spend much more money than students from their own countries and other EU nations.
  • For an undergraduate degree programme, Latvian universities typically charge between EUR 3000 and EUR 5000, or USD 3,600 and USD 6,100.
  • The cost of obtaining a medical degree is greater, up to EUR 15,000 (USD 18,400) each year.
  • In contrast, if a domestic or European student wishes to pursue an MS degree, the cost ranges from EUR 1,700 (USD 2,095) per year, which is significantly less than in other nations.

  • You will receive a conditional acceptance letter from the university or institute after they have processed your application and granted you admission; you must sign the letter to confirm your enrollment in a Latvian university. Before receiving official authorisation to come to Latvia for studies, you must pay the whole first year's tuition. Some colleges or institutions may require you to deposit a security sum as proof that you have the necessary cash. Therefore, these are the processes and formalities a student must adhere to in order to enrol at Latvian colleges.
  • Scholarships to
    Study in Latvia

    Latvia is a great place for international students to study since it provides some of the best opportunities to earn a degree. The fact that Latvia is affordable for most people is just one factor that makes it a popular choice for international students.

    1. Liepaja University Scholarships for International Students

  • If you're thinking about studying abroad, especially in Latvia, the Liepaja University is a wonderful choice. This Liepaja-based institution provides a wide variety of bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees to students from throughout the world. They also enjoy a solid academic reputation both domestically and abroad. The university's scholarship programme strives to provide these students with financial assistance.

    There are two categories of Latvian scholarships available to international students. The first is a scholarship provided by the government of Latvia. The government provides scholarships, which are also given out by the Liepaja University to their chosen candidates.

    The European Social Fund Scholarships are the university's second scholarship category. Students pursuing a master's degree in new media art and information technology are eligible for this grant.

  • 2. Latvian State Scholarships

  • • Scholarship Amount: €500 per month for Bachelor's and Master's degree holders and €670 per month for Ph.D. students for the duration of the scholarship (10 – 11 months)
    • Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees are acceptable degrees.

    The bilateral agreements between the governments of Latvia and other nations on cooperation in education and science include the Latvian State Scholarships. International students from nations that have a contract with Latvia's Ministry of Education and Science are eligible for these scholarships. Students pursuing bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees are eligible for the scholarship.

    Please make sure your nation is included before submitting your scholarship application. Following that, you can start your online application on the website. Attachments should include things like your curriculum vitae, a letter from your school, a copy of your passport, your research plan, letters of inspiration, and recommendations. The scholarship link has a complete list of the required paperwork. Kindly prepare your paperwork in either English or Latvian.

    The student's academic background, motivation, and aptitude for studying in Latvia will all be considered in the evaluation and awarding of this Latvia scholarship. You may view the complete set of standards and credits that will be applied in judging your scholarship application on their website. In addition to your academic history, the Latvian programme will take into account the extracurricular activities you have participated in and the programme you have chosen.

  • 3. Latvian Research Fellowship

  • • Scholarship Amount: €300 for lodging expenses and €30 per day for personal use.
    • Ph.D.s are acceptable degrees

    One of the top scholarships in Latvia for overseas students, the Latvian Research Fellowship, is also covered by bilateral agreements between the governments of other nations on collaboration in education and science. However, unlike the state-sponsored scholarships, this prize is only available to overseas students who are engaged in research and who wish to use the money for that purpose.

    Before applying, kindly prepare the following documents: a copy of your passport, a resume, a motivation letter, and a letter from your college or research organisation. Additionally, you must submit some study-related documents, like your research goal and relevance. The website has templates that need to be used. The materials you submit need to be translated into either English or Latvian.

    Your study proposal and your desire to work in Latvia will be taken into consideration when evaluating your scholarship application. International students would also benefit from applying to or enrolling in research projects related to Latvian language, literature, and culture because they will receive bonus points for doing so. Email notifications will be sent to those who are chosen.

  • 4. Turība University Scholarships for International Students

  • • Scholarship Amount: €600 or full tuition reimbursement
    A Bachelor's degree is required to qualify.

    The largest business school in Latvia, Turiba University, which was founded in 1993, has five locations throughout the nation. This university is renowned for turning out top-notch business graduates. Additionally, they belong to worldwide associations and groups that support high standards in education.

    Turiba University provides scholarships to overseas undergraduates enrolled in any of the university's bachelor's programmes in order to further this objective. Every international undergraduate student's academic success is acknowledged, and they award scholarships to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-year students. On the website, you can begin your application.

  • 5. University of Latvia

  • • Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees are acceptable degrees.

    The University of Latvia, which was founded in 1919 and is located in Riga, Latvia, is one of the biggest and best research universities in the Baltics and provides a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. They enjoy a top academic reputation among universities. More than 14,000 students currently attend this university, which offers a variety of faculties and departments. This university offers a wide range of educational options to its international students.

    These international students may apply for scholarships at the University of Latvia. One of the best scholarships in Latvia is the patron scholarship, which is available to nationals of Europe and developing nations. These awards are intended to honour outstanding overseas students as well as those who require financial assistance for their education.

  • 6. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Award

  • The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung scholarship is an additional choice to advance social democracy by providing financial aid for academic pursuits. The fellowship is open to international candidates enrolled in a state- or state-recognized university of applied sciences in Latvia and pursuing their doctorate. These pupils are anticipated to perform academically above average. This is a good alternative for people who work in the humanities, social sciences, or politics.

    Even if the course you attend is in English, you must show that you have exceptional German language skills to qualify for this award. Only 40 persons from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe will enroll in this funding program each year. Thus there are a limited number of spots available. Scholarship recipients enrolled in undergraduate programs will get a monthly payment of 830 euros. The monthly stipend for master's degree candidates is 850 euros, plus health insurance fees.
  • University Latvia Rank Town
    Latvijas Universitate 1 Riga
    Rigas Tehniska universitate 2 Riga
    Latvijas Lauksaimniecibas universitate 3 Jelgava
    Rezeknes Tehnologiju Akademija 4 Rezekne
    Rigas Stradina Universitate 5 Riga
    Biznesa augstskola Turiba 6 Riga
    Daugavpils Universitate 7 Daugavpils
    Latvijas Makslas akademija 8 Riga
    Rigas Ekonomikas augstskola 9 Riga
    Liepajas Universitate 10 Liepaja
    Rigas Juridiska augstskola 11 Riga
    Baltijas Starptautiska akademija 12 Riga
    Ventspils Augstskola 13 Ventspils
    Vidzemes Augstskola 14 Valmiera
    Jazepa Vitola Latvijas muzikas akademija 15 Riga
    Latvijas Kulturas akademija 16 Riga
    Transporta un sakaru instituts 17 Riga
    Banku augstskola 18 Riga
    Informacijas sistemu menedžmenta augstskola 19 Riga
    Rigas Starptautiska ekonomikas un biznesa administracijas augstskola 20 Riga
    Ekonomikas un kulturas augstskola 21 Riga
    Latvijas Sporta pedagogijas akademija 22 Riga
    Latvijas Kristiga akademija 23 Jurmala
    Starptautiska praktiskas psihologijas augstskola 24 Riga
    Latvijas Juras akademija 25 Riga
    Rigas Aeronavigacijas instituts 26 Riga

    Affordable Universities in Latvia

    For the convenience of Indian students wishing to pursue their higher education in Latvia, the following is a list of affordable public universities in Latvia.

    1. Ventspils University of Applied Sciences

    2. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

    3. EKA University of Applied Sciences

    4. University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitāte)

    5. University of Liepāja

    6. University of Daugavpils

    7. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

    Course options
    in Latvia

    In Latvia, there are a few well-known degree programmes. In Latvia, there are several options accessible whether you want to get a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree.

    Information Technology

    Hotel Management

    Mechanical Engineering

    Health Management

    Environmental Science

    Medical Physics

    Business Management

    Aviation Transport

    Computer Systems




    Electrical Technologies


    Food Science

    Civil Engineering

    Real Estate

    Construction Management

    Technical Translation




    Entrepreneurship & Management

    How to apply for a
    study visa in Latvia?

    A student visa is required to study in Latvia. Read the detailed Latvia Student Visa Requirements and Process along with the list of necessary papers. Take caution, as even a small error could result in the denial of your visa.

    Step-1: Original documents required from students (Apostille)

    ⦁ ESL Application form
    ⦁ Passport
    ⦁ Photo with white background (35/ 45 size)
    ⦁ All educational documents- X, XII/PUC and Bachelors Certificates and Marksheet.
    ⦁ Provisional certificate not accepted
    ⦁ Grade should be 50% and above
    ⦁ IELTS, TOFEL, Medium of Instruction certificate or any English Proficiency Certificate
    ⦁ CV

    Step 2: After obtaining the aforementioned paperwork, ESL will handle acceptance.

    Step 3: A Conditional Acceptance Letter and an Invoice for the Application Fee will be sent to the applicant.

    ⦁ You should exercise caution when transferring the fee because it is one of the most crucial steps of the Latvia Student Visa requirements.
    ⦁ Application fees range from 180 to 300 euros, depending on the university and program, and are non-refundable. Payment will be sent directly to the university's account.

    Step 4: The candidate should take either an online test or a Skype interview.

    ⦁ Some universities don't require any entrance exams.
    ⦁ ESL will assist pupils who lack confidence in online assessments. ESL will provide preparation for a Skype interview.

    Step 5: The Academic Information Centre (AIC) will receive the Educational Documents for the university's review.

    ⦁ Some colleges do not require AIC; duration: minimum 2 weeks, maximum 4 weeks.

    Step 6: The university will give the following information after obtaining the AIC statement:

    ⦁ Final admission letter; study contract; tuition invoice (between 2000 and 3400 euros, depending on the subject and university);
    ⦁ Security deposit invoice, which ranges from 500 to 700 euros depending on the course and university
    ⦁ In the event that a visa application is denied, tuition and security fees are refunded.


    After the tuition has been paid in full, submit your application for a residence permit. Only applicants at the Bachelor level should send the following original documents to ESL through courier or DHL. To continue processing Latvian student visa applications

    Bachelor level Masters Level
    Data Page of Passport with Apostille NA
    3 Photos (35/45)-white background NA
    Bank Statement of 5000 Euro. The following should be mentioned in bank solvency certificate
    • Your Name, surname
    • Date of Birth
    • Passport Number
    • Amount in Euro

    International debit card from the same bank.
    Police clearance certificate with Apostille (Legalized by ministry of foreign affairs) NA
    X and XII/PUC Certificates and Mark sheets Legalized with Apostille (Legalized by ministry of foreign affairs) NA
    Residence permit form-ESL will provide. It must be signed with blue pen. NA
    Signed Study Contract NA
    Any legal documents such as marriage certificate, name change affidavit needs Apostille NA
    Rest of documents, university will provide (study contract, invitation letter, accommodation contract) NA
    Payment of Residence Permit fee (Swift copy)
    Fee - for 5 Working Days -355 Euro, 10 Working Days -214, 30 days -72 Euro
    • Applicants should transfer to the university.
    • It is non-refundable

    The institution will give the following visa supporting documentation following successful tuition payment:

    Bachelor level Masters Level
    Invitation letter Invitation letter
    Visa Grantee letter
    Accommodation confirmation letter

    Step-8: To the Latvian Embassy in Delhi, applicants must bring the following documents and prepare for an interview.

    Bachelor level Masters Level
    (Applicants will appear for Residence Permit Interview)
    Consular Fee: Rs. 4,600/- by bank draft in favour of Embassy of Latvia
    (Applicants will appear for Visa Interview)
    Visa Fee: Rs. 4,600/- by bank draft in favour of Embassy of Latvia
    Original Passport C type visa application form-ESL

    The application process for a student visa to Latvia is more difficult than it appears; one error could result in the denial of your visa. As a result, carefully read each step that is listed.

    Study Pathways to Permanent
    Residence (PR)

    The gem of the Baltic Sea, Latvia, is a member of the European Union and a Schengen State. Latvia draws investors from all over the world as a result of its strategically significant geographic location. Latvia is a developed economy with high GDP rates and incomes. Opportunities for employment after graduation are crucial for international students studying abroad. Since Latvia has loosened its immigration laws since 2010, the majority of students who study there want jobs there. As a result, expats who wish to stay in Latvia now only need to meet the bare minimum of financial requirements.

    After receiving their degree from a Latvian university, international students are required to sign an employment contract with a Latvian-based employer without being restricted to a particular job title or starting pay. In order to provide students with the necessary practical experience, the majority of Latvian colleges establish internship programmes during the summer breaks at local businesses and firms. After graduating from a Latvian university, it gets easier to find work there, especially after getting experience through internships.

    Latvian Post-Graduation Work Permit for International Students

    Your Latvian student visa expires after your course of study is finished, and you must leave the country once you have successfully earned your degree. If they have located a job contract, they must take the actions listed below to obtain a Latvian work permit.

    How Non-EU/Third Country Nationals Can Obtain a Short-Term Work Permit in Latvia:
    ⦁ The employer will notify the employment agency of a necessary job opening in his organisation.
    ⦁ Following the employee's selection, the employer will apply for the employee's invitation to work in Latvia at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. Employment contracts, academic transcripts, and information about the chosen employee's qualifications are additional documents that must be submitted with the application.
    ⦁ If the application is accepted by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. There will be a letter of invitation issued in the employee's name. The employee will go to the Latvian Embassy or Consulate in their nation and present the necessary paperwork for the visa. In a visa, the right to work is granted.
    ⦁ The employee will register with the State Revenue Service as a tax payer after arriving in Latvia.

    Steps to Attain Long Term Work Permit of Latvia for Non-EU/Third Country Nationals:
    A study abroad applicant must obtain an education loan before applying for a visa because financial documentation is required to get one. Education loans are essential for covering the cost of studying abroad.
    ⦁ The employer will submit the necessary job position/vacancy information to the Employment Agency for his organisation.
    ⦁ After choosing a foreign worker, the employer will submit an application for an invitation to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs together with the employee's employment contract, information about the position, qualifications, and academic records.
    ⦁ If the application is approved by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs following verification, an invitation letter will be provided in the employee's name.
    ⦁ After obtaining an invitation letter, the employee will visit the Latvian Embassy or Consulate in their nation and submit the necessary paperwork for a residence permission and an employment permit in Latvia. The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs will issue the residency permit together with the right to work.
    ⦁ The employee must register with the State Revenue Service as a tax payer after arriving in Latvia.

    Required Documents for Latvian Work Permit:
    ⦁ Valid Passport
    ⦁ Two recently taken passport size photographs
    ⦁ Completed and signed employment permit application form
    ⦁ Medical examination certificate
    ⦁ Visa application fee paid receipt
    ⦁ If the applicant is taking spouse and kids along they will provide marriage certificate and relevant birth certificates of children.
    ⦁ Employment Contract
    ⦁ Invitation Letter from Employer
    ⦁ Letter of intent from employer

    Terms and Conditions of Latvian Work Permit:
    It is the employer's duty to offer accommodations and health care to any third-country nationals hired as employees, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. The work permit can be extended after a year if the employment agreement is still in effect. The holders of long-term work permits also acquire a Latvian temporary residency permit. If an employee switches jobs, they must present a letter of no objection from their old employer as well as their new employer's employment contract. The citizens of third countries are permitted to have multiple jobs at once, but each employer must notify the immigration authorities separately.
    The foreign national living in Latvia on a work permit may invite their family to join them during this time if they can demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover the costs of their spouse and minor children. The family will be granted a resident permit as well, with the same duration of validity as the employee's resident permit. The employment agreement may be renewed for an additional five years. The national of a third country may apply for permanent residency in Latvia after living there continuously for five years with a valid resident permit. Since Latvia is a member of the Schengen Agreement, those who have a resident permit or a work permit are eligible to travel to and remain in other Schengen countries without a visa for up to 90 days. 

    In Latvia, how do you get an internship?
    On a student visa, you can only work 90 full days or 180 half days per year. If you work for the university as a research assistant or a professor's assistant, this restriction does not apply to you. The visa laws let you participate in required internships, typically 12 weeks long and part of your program. You may work longer than 90 consecutive days if you have a semester off.

    Permanent Residency of Latvia
    A citizen of a third country who has been legally residing in Latvia for the last five years may apply for permanent residency in Latvia. The five-year validity period of the permanent residency card. For a permanent residency card, the applicant must present the following documents to the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs:
    ⦁ Current passport (with details of previous visa stamps and resident permit stamps indicating 5 years long legal stay in Latvia).
    ⦁ The candidate's personal information, such as their marital status, number of children, parents, education, and language skills; and their Latvian residential address
    ⦁ Records of tax payments
    ⦁ Evidence of finances (previous employment details, received salary details, present employment contract details)
    ⦁ Verification from Latvian legal authorities attesting to the candidate's lack of criminal history and that, while residing there, he has behaved responsibly as a citizen by abiding by all laws and regulations.
    ⦁ Health insurance coverage (if supported by employer, the details of health insurance coverage paid by employer)
    ⦁ A properly filled-out and signed application for permanent residency
    ⦁ The candidate must demonstrate his linguistic ability and familiarity with Latvian history and culture. The immigration department may take a test to demonstrate Latvian language ability.

    Rights of Permanent Resident:
    ⦁ In accordance with newly updated laws, individuals who hold a Latvian permanent resident card are not needed to remain in Latvia for a specific period of time in order to maintain their PR status.
    ⦁ Permanent residency is valid for five years, but it must be renewed annually.
    ⦁ People who hold Permanent Resident cards are free to visit and remain in other Schengen nations.
    ⦁ People who hold a PR card are not required to report their present residence to the immigration service and are free to work any job and live anywhere in Latvia.
    ⦁ The spouse and minor children (those under the age of 18) of a permanent resident holder are also eligible for residency.

    Citizenship of Latvia 2021
    Holders of permanent residency cards and their families are eligible to petition for citizenship through neutralization of Latvia after five years of residence in Latvia with a PR card. 
    For citizenship of Latvia the PR Card holders must meet following requirements:
    ⦁ The candidates must supply information on their residence over the previous five years.
    ⦁ The applicants must demonstrate a specific level of fluency in Latvian, knowledge of the Latvian Constitution, knowledge of the national anthem's lyrics, and familiarity with Latvia's history and culture.
    ⦁ The applicants must demonstrate that their revenue is legal.
    ⦁ If required by their home country's law, applicants must show that they have officially given up their prior citizenship by presenting an expiration permission. Refugees and stateless people must also show that they do not hold any other citizenship.
    ⦁ Along with their parents, children under 15 who reside in Latvia with them will receive Latvian citizenship.

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