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How we Work

University Bureau is an online recruitment platform, which aim to empower students and create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

Team of University Bureau guide, build confidence, help students across the world to study and get the best international education. We provide a recruitment platform which enables institutions and recruitment agents to find and transact with each other, seamlessly.

Platform which University Bureau provides, makes the search easy for students, institutions and recruiters to study abroad, fill application, and makes the acceptance process successful by connecting international students, recruitment partners (5,000+), and academic institutions (1,500+) on one platform across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Quality Compliance and Visa (QCV) team conduct in-depth checks on all visa and course applications by using intuitive automation tools before sending to recruiters.

The data of each student is organised in one secure place by following a Privacy compliance program aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation.

University Bureau work hard to make the dream of students to come true by helping them to apply to institutes or programs based on their skills and interest.

University Bureau provide a trusted platform to recruiters which help students to do their best and fulfill their dream to study internationally.

For Students

Choose University Bureau for the best assistance to discover programs and institutions, get the best options for you, and prepare everything for easy submission of your applications.

University Bureau provides :

  • Admission officer: Select your admission officer from our platform and get guidance from creating your profile to applying to multiple institutions and course selection from over 50,000+ programs.
  • IELTS trainer: We have a team of the world’s best trainers from where you can select your trainer by using our platform to prepare yourself for the IELTS exam.
  • Financial officer: Our financial officers will provide you with exclusive scholarships and good financial support options.
  • Visa Assistance:Our top-rated certified visa counselor will help you at every step of the visa process, from application filing to document preparation. You can select a top-rated counselor at your convenience.
  • Continuous Support: We have a team of over 5,000+ recruiters, certified experts for 1-on-1 support around the world.

University Bureau built a relationship with students on Trust and Credibility. UB will take a short survey, filter & select programs and institute for students. Then University Bureau will help students to complete their profile, pay fees, and submit documents. Once the institute reviews student’s application and issues an acceptance letter then our expert recruiter will guide you through the visa application process.


For Institutions


University Bureau connects qualified students and recruiters on a single, easy-to-use platform, which is trusted by more than 1500+ Institutions worldwide. University Bureau train recruitment partners through an industry specialist to ensure that they’re ready to promote the institution.

University Bureau team of experts understands the unique challenges which institute face and makes you stand out from the rest- by working with you at every step of the way. We assure you to deliver the quality and compliance checks in the industry.

For Recruiters

Access University Bureau recruitment platform to get a variety of exclusive bonuses and to give a boost to your earnings. University Bureau gives you a network of 1,500+ institutions worldwide, and advanced filtering tools to find the best options for your student.

  • Use University Bureau recruitment platform to process applications faster than ever and make your students happy.
  • By working with University Bureau you can lodged your application within 3 hours and use only one form to apply in multiple institutes with a maximum success rate.
  • You can get instant updates from our global admission experts based on your application to enhance the chances of getting selected in the institutes.
  • All the documents are organised by using Document manager which uploads each application in seconds.

University Bureau will give ou upto 100% commission which an institution pays for successful student placement.

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