Overseas education and have the capability of counseling students and suggesting them the right institutions as per their academic interests.

What does University Bureau offer:

• An online recruitment AI-enabled platform for institutions, students, and recruiters to connect.

• Complete CRM solutions along with comprehensive digital solutions.

 To Students:

• Admission guidance from selecting their admission officer to creating a profile to applying to multiple institutions and course selection from over 50,000+ programs.

• Choose the world's best IELTS trainers from our platform and prepare for the IELTS exam.

• Top-rated certified visa officers to help in the visa process, from application filing to document preparation. Here also, they can select top-rated officers and get guidance.

• Online support to queries by our certified experts •

To Recruiters:

• Access our recruitment platform to select students and institutions and guide them through the process by giving them support locally or globally using our online support system.

• Process applications faster than ever and make your students happy. Lodged their application within 3 hours and use only one form to apply in multiple institutes with a maximum success rate.

• Get instant updates from our global admission experts based on the application to enhance the chances of getting selected.

• Document manager to store the documents and upload each application in seconds.

• Customer Relationship Officers and Regional Managers to help you with anything you need.

• Training sessions by our institution specialists to keep you informed about the entry requirement to the institution.

To Institutions:

• Our team of experts understands the unique challenges faced by institutions and makes you stand out from the rest- by working with you at every step of the way.

• Skilled people and leading technology, to get the most accurate processing systems in international education.

• Get quality students.

• Reach over 5,000+ recruiters in key and emerging source markets.

• Our experts will provide you an automatic tool to check incomplete or fraudulent applications.

• Quality Compliance and Visa (QCV) team to conducts in-depth checks on all visa and course applications before they're sent to you. University Bureau helps students to make confident study decisions by providing them a trusted marketplace using intelligent technology which connects the world's institutions, recruiters & service providers.