We are dedicated to assisting individuals from all around the world in obtaining educational opportunities. At the same time, we want to make sure that the students we send have a good chance of getting a visa. As a result, any applicant who fulfills any of the following conditions as specified by the University Bureau (which are subject to change from time to time at the University Bureau's sole discretion) may be charged a required processing cost (the "Processing Fee"):

If an applicant is older than:

      27 years and is applying for undergraduate studies

      35 years and is applying for graduate studies;

If an applicant is from Iraq, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka and does not meet the minimum English requirements for non-conditional acceptance;

If an applicant has an educational gap of more than 8 years;

If an applicant has been refused a visa from Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, or Australia.

If an applicant is pursuing the same or lower level of education

If an applicant is pursuing a non-related educational field. 



In its sole discretion, University Bureau maintains the right to amend, refund, or waive the Processing Fee for any reason. The Processing Fee may be imposed throughout the application process at the sole discretion of the University Bureau. Following such a necessity and/or modification, your usage of the University Bureau Solution represents your acceptance of any additional or higher costs.

The University Bureau may levy a non-refundable deposit established at its sole discretion for specific programs.

Students who are already in the host country of study and/or in the host country on a current student visa and applying to another program in the same region are not subject to the Processing Fee.

Once a student has paid the Processing Fee, he or she can apply to up to three programs before receiving a confirmation of acceptance. Suppose a student applies for more than three (3) programs and/or is admitted to one of the initial three (3) programs but decides to pursue other applications. In that case, University Bureau may impose an extra Processing Fee.


Refund Policy

Refunds will not be given, if an applicant fails to supply any needed documents for the application to be processed if an applicant's visa application is refused; or if an applicant cancels or withdraws his or her application.

If you are not disqualified from receiving a refund as a result of the above, the Processing Fee may be refunded at University Bureau's discretion only if an applicant receives a visa acceptance AND University Bureau confirms the applicant's enrollment at the institution; or The application receives a formal rejection from the institution. 

Please note that the Processing Fee may be triggered again if additional applications for the student are added after a refund has been issued.


Note: Refund will be initiated in 5-7 days.