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Recruit with Ease and Get Success with the University Bureau!

"Let the University Bureau simplify recruiting for you and lead to success!"

Why UniversityBureau ?

Increase your commission rate

Receive your commission when the bills are paid within 30 to 90 days of the student's enrollment. Depending on how many people enroll and when the cancellation period ends.

Streamlined and stress-free process

Using a simple and intuitive platform created just for you, which can easily navigate the online recruitment process.

Course Explorer

The technologically advanced platform that is tailored to your business. Find courses that meet your requirements, look at scholarships, evaluate commissions, apply, take advantage of discounts and waivers, receive real-time support, earn additional commissions, and much more all for free.


The rich and thorough product knowledge in the form of outreach materials, presentation decks, country guides, and much more is available in this extensive library. Thus, students will have the chance to speak with university representatives directly during conversion sessions led by the UB team.

Countless course options

Increase enrollment by having access to a vast course catalog. with sophisticated personalization to assist you in locating the ideal solutions. Our committed partnerships team puts forth endless effort to negotiate contracts with prestigious and well-liked schools that your student will adore.

Ensure your team stays focused

Using an all-in-one platform will help you move more quickly and remain ahead of the competition. Permit students to peruse and select courses at their convenience, modifying their applications and attaching files.