Masters In Graphic Design In Canada

Masters In Graphic Design In Canada

People now access most of the data online due to technological advancements and the global digitisation of almost all industries. The tremendous amount of information that is accessible online, however, has resulted in a decline in people's attention spans.  Most people have a quick reaction to information that is both visually appealing and easily understandable. As a result, graphic design has seen an increase in demand as a profession during the past few years. This blog includes the top universities in Canada that offer master's degrees in graphic design, along with their courses.

At numerous colleges worldwide, many students decide to enrol in degree, diploma, or certificate programmes in graphic design or animation. According to US News and World Report, graphic design is the world's ninth-greatest creative and media vocation. The best course for graphic design can be done in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, among other nations.

Analysis of Master's degree programmes in graphic design in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries in the world for illustrators and graphic designers looking for work. According to official data from Canada, there will likely be a shortage of graphic designers through 2028. Graphic designers and illustrators have various career options in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia,

New Brunswick, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. Currently, graphic designers in Canada make an average monthly pay of CAD 45,770, which is more than the average for many other occupations.

Graphic design is one of the most lucrative professional options due to the abundance of chances and high average salary, especially in Canada. Even though many companies only hire graphic designers with bachelor's degrees, you will stand out from the competition if you have a master's degree in the same field. Furthermore, it promotes quicker career advancement. Therefore, working professionals or those interested in animation and design research may find it advantageous to pursue a Master's in Graphic Design in Canada.
The best Canadian universities that grant master's degrees in graphic design are described in depth below.

1. University of Toronto

A two-year Master of Visual Studies (MVS) degree programme is offered by the School of Graduate Studies, Architecture, Landscape, and Design faculty at Toronto University. A professional degree programme, curatorial studies, and studio give specialisation in these two areas. The Master of Visual Studies Studio teaches visual expressions by fusing text, images, music, and movement through electronic media. In contrast, the curatorial studies degree concerns object installation and the positioning of text and images. Studio specialisation is increasingly pertinent for students interested in graphic design and the visual arts.

Admission Requirements                                      

The following qualifications must be met to be admitted to a studio for speciality:
The bachelor's degree requirement requires a B+ average overall, or it's equivalent in humanities or cultural theory.

  • A resume detailing schooling and working experience.
  • Academic  transcript
  • Portfolio showcasing studio-based work
  • Three recommendation letters
  • A sample of critical writing

2. University of British Columbia

Students interested in various disciplines, including photography, the arts, painting, 3D work, digital art, and other interdisciplinary topics, can take a two-year full-time Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts study at the University of British Columbia. This course is open to anyone who wants to instruct visual arts at the post-secondary level in Canada. The university offers amenities like a digital printing lab or printmaking unit and a dedicated private studio for each student.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree with at least a B+ in a relevant discipline is required for admission.
  • IELTS minimum score is 7.0; 


  • Application: $168.25
  • Annual tuition: $9,313.92

3. School of Design, George Brown University

A postgraduate digital design and game design certificate programme is available at George Brown University for international students. The creation of a design environment, the integration of items, and the creation of 3D structures will all be covered in this course.

Admission Requirements

  • Design diploma or bachelor's degree.
  • Questionnaire
  • Resume
  • Electronic portfolio
  • IELTS minimum score is 6.5 


  • Cost of tuition: $23,656.00
  • $95 application fee

4. Stratford School of Interaction Design & Business, University of Waterloo

A full-time, eight-month Master of Digital Experience Innovation (MDEI) study is available at the University of Waterloo. This course can be taken on a part-time basis for 20 months by working professionals. This course is advised for those interested in a digital media career. Design thinking and digital design solutions, marketing strategy, user experience design, and applied management are all included in the MDEI programme. 

Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree with a least 78% average over the last two years in engineering, the humanities, or a similar subject.
  • Practical knowledge
  • Resume 
  • Three references, of which two must be academic references.

5. OCAD University

For designers and artists, OCAD University provides an interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media, and Design (MA, MDes, and MFA) programme. The institution offers a studio-based learning environment to improve students' academic and visual design research abilities. 

Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree in the arts or design
  • Transcripts
  • Three reference letter
  • IELTS score: 7.
  • Designer/Artist Statement
  • Portfolio of work Research proposal CV

6. Concordia University

A Master of Design (MDes) study is offered at Concordia University in Quebec, Canada. Interaction design, design environment, and visual communication are all covered in this two-year study. Academic research is another major topic in the course. The application period for this course starts in January and it starts in the autumn. 

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 requires a bachelor's degree or graduate diploma.
  • Portfolio of creative work
  • Intended letter
  • 5-page preliminary research proposal
  • Minimum overall IELTS score of 6.5

7. School of Design, Laval University

Another well-known college for graphic design in Quebec, Canada, is Laval University's Design School. Its interdisciplinary Master's in Design with thesis programme covers fundamental and applied research in graphic design, information design, interaction and digital design, and 2D/3D animation. People with a bachelor's degree in the humanities, arts, design, communication, or management sciences should take this course. Nearly 90% of Canadian design graduates find employment quickly due to the country's high demand for graphic designers. Only once a year, in the autumn, does the university offer admission for this course.

Admission Requirements 

  • When applying, students must provide the following documentation:
  • Official copies of any prior college diplomas or transcripts.
  • Resume
  • A maximum of two pages long letter of motivation in which candidates must describe their areas of interest and their preliminary research topic in depth.
  • Evaluation report
  • Written authorisation from the Laval University professor overseeing the research project.
  • There may be an interview request for applicants.


A combination of art, design, and communication skills is needed for a profession in graphic design. One of the greatest countries for degree and diploma programmes in graphic design, media, and animation in Canada. These courses are open to professionals who want to expand their theoretical or practical understanding of art and design or to make a career change into the design sector. A master's in graphic design can be pursued in Canada by those interested in conducting research in the art and design disciplines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of jobs can you get with a master's in graphic design in Canada?

After earning a master's degree in graphic design in Canada, one can pursue various arts, design, and media careers. Graduates can find employment at design studios, publishing or printing companies, or marketing or advertising firms. In graphic design, some of the most in-demand positions include creative director, user experience (UX) designer, and user interface (UI) designer,  Product developer, production artist, marketing expert,  Animation or multiplatform artist, and independent graphic artist.

2. What does graphic design education cost in Canada?

In Canada, a graphic design diploma education typically costs about $23,000. In Canada, the average annual tuition for a bachelor's or master's degree programme in graphic design is 18 lakhs.

3. How do foreign students apply to study for a graphic design master's degree in Canada?

The vast majority of Canadian institutions accept online applications from international students by email or through a gateway on their website. International students who want to study graphic design at the master's level in Canada must have a bachelor's degree or a diploma in a related discipline and relevant professional experience. Additionally, a work portfolio, CV, and recommendation letters are frequently requested by universities. Additionally, students from non-English speaking nations must have an IELTS score of at least 6.5 overall.

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