Australian National University

Australian National University

The Australian National University is a public research university located in Canberra, the capital of Australia (ANU). It is a member of the Group of Eight, a grouping of prestigious Australian institutions, and is frequently cited as among the greatest universities in both Australia and the world.

ANU provides numerous undergraduate and graduate programmes in a variety of subject areas, including business, engineering, law, science, and health. The university has a reputation for having robust research initiatives and houses numerous research institutes and centres devoted to various fields of study.

More than one hundred different countries are represented in the student body at ANU. Due to the university's central location in Canberra, which is home to numerous national institutions and organisations, students have access to a variety of unique internship and career options.

With a strong emphasis on global involvement and collaboration, ANU is dedicated to offering its students opportunities for high-quality education and research. Through its research and educational initiatives, the institution is committed to having a beneficial impact on society and tackling global issues.


Courses at Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) provides numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees in a number of subjects, including business, engineering, law, science, and health. The following are a few examples of the courses that ANU may offer:

  • Bachelor of Arts: This three-year curriculum enables students to study a variety of topics in the humanities and arts, such as anthropology, history, literature, and philosophy.
  • Bachelor of Business: Students can get this degree in three years while preparing for a career in business. The course includes a variety of subjects, such as management, marketing, and finance.
  • Bachelor of Engineering: Students enrolled in this four-year programme will be prepared for a career in engineering. Civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering are just a few of the areas covered in the programme.
  • Bachelor of Law: This four-year degree programme gets students ready for a legal career. The course covers a wide range of subjects, including as constitutional, civil, and criminal law.
  • Master of Science: This two-year programme offers students the chance to study a variety of scientific topics, including as biology, chemistry, and physics.

For people working in a variety of fields, ANU may also offer a variety of professional development courses and workshops. These classes could address subjects including management, leadership, and technical abilities.


The precise courses offered may vary based on the academic year and your field of study, so it's important to keep in mind that this is just a sample of what may be available at ANU.

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Admission Requirement For International Student

Depending on the particular degree you are interested in and your unique situation, the Australian National University's (ANU) admission requirements for overseas students may change. However, there are some broad criteria for admission that might be applicable to numerous ANU programmes, such as:

  • High school graduation or its equivalent
  • Satisfactory grades in important high school disciplines, like English and mathematics
  • Proof of English language ability, such as a passing grade on an internationally recognised exam like the
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • A statement or essay describing your reasons for pursuing a degree at ANU and your long-term professional aspirations
  • Recommendation letters from professors or other authorities in the field.
  • A curriculum vitae or resume explaining your educational background and work experience.


The particular entrance requirements may differ depending on the programme you are interested in and your unique situation; it is crucial to keep in mind that these are only basic recommendations.

International students may additionally need to acquire a student visa in order to attend ANU in addition to these prerequisites. Depending on your country of origin and the duration of your proposed study programme, the visa application procedure may change. Given that applying for a visa can take many months, it is crucial to get started as soon as possible.

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