Best Colleges In Surrey For International Students

Best Colleges In Surrey For International Students

One of the most popular study-abroad countries for Indian students who want to travel abroad is Canada. Indian students make up more than 34% of all overseas students in Canada. Surrey is one of the many universities in Canada that one can choose from. In addition to a top-notch academic curriculum, colleges in Surrey give international students the correct kind of industrial exposure. Universities and colleges in Surrey, Canada, are renowned for their rich diversity of cultures and the enormous career prospects they offer international students. Now let's learn more about Surrey Colleges for foreign students.

Why Study in Surrey?

A diversified multinational population, significant employment prospects, and modern culture all coexist in Surrey. Here are some brief reasons Surrey is your best bet for a Canadian university experience:

  • Dynamic Environment: Surrey is renowned for having a vibrant atmosphere that is always open to change.
  • Affordability of Education: For overseas students, the majority of degrees offered at Surrey colleges and universities are very reasonable and won't break the bank!
  • Highly Desired Study Location: Because Surrey is an integral component of the Canadian educational system, it attracts students worldwide. Canada is one of the top study locations for the majority of international students.
  • Outstanding Job Opportunities: Colleges in Surrey are renowned for giving their graduate students the best exposure to the workplace and a high employability rate. This increases the number of internships, training, and employment options in Canada.

Types of Colleges in Surrey, Canada

Private and public colleges are the two primary categories under which Surrey colleges for overseas students might be placed. Let's examine what these two categories actually mean:

1. Public Colleges

Under the Provincial College and Institute Act, public colleges in Surrey are typically accredited and approved by the Canadian government. Additionally, these universities' programmes have received accreditation from certain agencies and groups. Douglas College is one of Surrey's most well-known public institutions.

2. Private Colleges

The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training's private training division accredits private institutions in British Columbia, Canada.  In Surrey, it is also observed that private institutions charge higher tuition than do state universities. The CDI College Surrey is among the most well-known private colleges in Surrey.

Now that we are clear on how Surrey's colleges are classified, let's look at some of the best colleges in Surrey:

Top Colleges in Surrey, Canada

Let us now guide you through the list of all colleges in Surrey to help you locate the school of your dreams:
CDI College Surrey:

  • Keystone College
  • Brighton College
  • Sprott Shaw College
  • Douglas College
  • Oscar International College

Here is some more information about the top 6 colleges for international students among those mentioned above:

1.  CDI College Surrey

One of the campuses of the CDI College is located in South Surrey, and it provides both national and international students with more than 100 programmes at the UG and PG levels of study. The college provides courses in a variety of subjects, including art and design, law, business, dentistry, health care, technology, and teaching education. Its employment rate is 85%. CDI College is renowned for providing students with industrial workshops and experiences thanks to its 23 campus locations.

The educational philosophy at CDI College is one that places a strong emphasis on preparing students for the workforce. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and practical application, and the programmes are specifically designed to satisfy the demands of businesses. Students acquire practical experience and the abilities needed to excel in their chosen professions.

The instructors at CDI College are seasoned professionals that bring their knowledge of the industry to the classroom. The teachers are dedicated to giving pupils a high-quality education and preparing them for the difficulties faced by their various sectors. They provide direction, mentorship, and insights into the most recent developments in their disciplines.

2.  Douglas College

The Douglas College, one of Canada's biggest universities, has a campus in Surrey as well. The college is renowned for awarding public degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels in fields like nursing, physical education, social work, therapeutic, business administration, child and youth care, recreation performing arts, criminology, etc. to both international and domestic students. At Douglas College, there are roughly 20,000 students enrolled in total.

The dedication of Douglas College to academic excellence and the provision of a top-notch education is well known. The professors at Douglas College Surrey are experts in their disciplines and have plenty of experience. They bring their knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that the lessons are thorough and interesting for the pupils.

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In order to foster a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, Douglas College Surrey. The campus has up-to-date classrooms, labs, libraries, and study areas that help to create the best learning environment for students. To help students with their academic and personal development, the college provides support services such academic advising, tutoring, and counselling.

3.  Brighton College Surrey

High placement rates and a wide range of employment and internship opportunities in Canada are among the benefits that Brighton College Surrey is renowned for providing its students. Three campuses make up the college: Surrey, Burnaby, and Vancouver. The practicum placement rate at Brighton College is 100%, with 85% of alumni receiving offers for work in major businesses after graduation. Additionally, Brighton College's programmes prepare overseas students for on-the-job responsibilities by giving them practical learning opportunities.

The college's curriculum is created to be in line with norms and developments in the business, guaranteeing that students will receive an instruction that is both current and useful. To improve the educational process and better prepare students for their future employment, programmes frequently combine hands-on training, case studies, and real-world projects.

The faculty at Brighton College Surrey is an accomplished and knowledgeable group. The instructors have experience in the field and are enthusiastic about imparting to pupils their academic and practical knowledge. They assist students grow the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their chosen areas by offering mentorship and coaching.

4.  Sprott Shaw College

One of the first private post-secondary institutions in British Columbia is Sprott Shaw College. To stay current with the newest trends and technologies, the College regularly revamps its programmes and courses. All students at this college will receive an education that is of the highest calibre and is recognised by the industry. The College has a regular monthly start date method for admissions. It also has a 4-5 hour schedule, so you can use the remaining time as needed to do projects or work part-time.

The professors at Sprott Shaw College are professionals in their fields with years of experience. They bring their real-world experience and knowledge into the classroom, giving pupils insightful advice. The instructors are committed to the academic success of their pupils and to assisting them in realising their full potential.

For the purpose of assisting students with their job search and professional development, Sprott Shaw College offers career services. These services could include help with preparing a résumé, interview practise, networking opportunities, and help with finding a job. The college works to establish connections between students and potential companies and to ease their entry into the workforce.

5.  Oscar International College

Private Oscar International College specialises on providing education in the humanities, sciences, engineering, and law. The college's major goal is to provide high-quality education that will enhance student performance and raise industry standards through innovative training programmes in numerous areas, research, and extension initiatives. Additionally, the college offers co-op programmes, which provide the best employment prospects for students enrolled in certificate and diploma programmes.

The college places a priority on offering cutting-edge training programmes that go beyond conventional classroom instruction. These courses have a strong emphasis on hands-on instruction, real-world application of theory, and experiential learning. Students can gain useful skills and deepen their comprehension of the subject topic by including hands-on activities.
The goal of Oscar International College is to advance research and outreach projects. These programmes are designed to encourage a culture of inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving among staff members and students. Students have the opportunity to discover new concepts, contribute to the body of knowledge, and interact with the larger community through research projects and extension initiatives.

6.  Keystone College

The educational quality assurance word aids Surrey's Keystone College in bringing out the best in pupils by delivering a high-quality education. By encouraging and empowering students to live in a varied society where honesty, accountability, mutual respect, and lifelong learning bloom, the college aims to improve both individuals' lives and the surrounding area. In order to issue credentials, conduct apprenticeships, and equip students with practical knowledge, Keystone College is also a college that has received approval from the Industry Training Authority. This organisation collaborates with apprentices, industry, employers, labour, training providers, and the government.

Surrey, one of the more well-known Canadian cities, will provide you with a high-quality education at a reasonable cost. An outstanding academic record, innovative extracurricular activities, and strong English language skills will undoubtedly get you into one of Surrey's top colleges. You can contact our University Bureau for support if you need help with the application process.


For international students, Surrey offers a vibrant and diverse educational environment with a number of top-notch colleges. Numerous academic institutions provide a wide range of programmes in numerous subject areas, including Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Simon Fraser University (Surrey Campus), Douglas College, Sprott Shaw College, CDI College, Stenberg College, Vancouver Career College, and Ashton College.

These universities are known for their academic brilliance, provide extensive services for supporting international students, and offer chances for hands-on learning and professional growth. These institutions in Surrey provide an enriching and inclusive educational experience for international students by fostering a multicultural campus atmosphere and placing a strong emphasis on student success.


1. Which Surrey college are best for students from abroad?
The finest universities in Surrey for international students include Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Simon Fraser University, and Douglas College.
2. Are these institutions renowned for their top-notch academic offerings?
Yes, these institutions are known for their academic prowess and for offering high-quality education and programmes.
3. Do these institutions provide a wide variety of courses to international students?
Yes, these institutions respond to the needs of foreign students by providing a large range of programmes and courses in various subjects.

4. Are there any specific programmes available to international students?
Yes, some universities offer specialty services designed specifically for students from foreign countries, such as English language programmes or international student support.

5. What standards apply to applicants from abroad?
There may be varied requirements for admission depending on the college and the programme. Typically, academic transcripts, test scores for English language proficiency, and other supporting evidence are required of international students.

6. Do these institutions offer financial aid or scholarships to students from other countries?
Yes, several colleges provide scholarships, grants, or bursaries to foreign students. It is suggested that you get in touch with the councellors of University Bureau to get more detail.

7. What is the cost of tuition for international students?
International students' tuition varies depending on the college and curriculum.
8. Are there accommodations on campus for international students?
Alternative housing options are available at some universities for students, including those from abroad.
9. How efficient is Surrey's public transport?
Thanks to Surrey's well-developed public transport infrastructure, which includes buses and rapid transit options, students can travel to and from college campuses with ease.

10.  Are there chances for overseas students to volunteer or participate in community service?
Yes, there are many options for community service or volunteer work offered by universities and local organisations, enabling international students to give back and become involved.
11. Do college campuses have areas for sports and recreational activities?
For overseas students who desire to participate in sports or other leisure activities, the majority of colleges do offer sports facilities, fitness centres, and recreational activities.
12. How can overseas students at Surrey make the most of their college experience?
By participating in on-campus events, joining clubs or student organisations, networking with classmates, visiting the neighbourhood, and embracing new cultural experiences, international students can make the most of their college experience.

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