Most Preferred Courses to Study in Abroad

Most Preferred Courses to Study in Abroad

As per the survey, 18 % of the Indian students prefer Engineering subject to study abroad, followed by Computer Science which 12 percent Indian students prefer and Business Studies which is prefer by 11 percent Indian students. 

More specifically within Engineering Indian students prefer:

  .  24 % of students are more interested in studying advanced technologies, such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  .  17 % are interested in health care.

  .  16 % are more interested in the environment and climate change.

But, due to the pandemic over 78 % of Indian students changed their decision on which subject to pursue and become more interested in studying subjects such as Advanced Technologies, Health-Related Studies, and Climate Change.

Further, as per the survey, it is being revealed that students’ primary motivation to study abroad is to get quality education and skills provided by the institutions, and studying abroad will increase their possibility of living in the host country. Also, for 11% of Indian students, the primary reason for studying abroad is to get a job and settle abroad.

Top destinations to study preffered by Indian students and why:

  1.  US (31 %)

  2.  Germany (29%)

  3.  Canada (23 %) 

  4.  UK (17 %)

  5.  Asia (12 %)

Students choose these countries to:

  .  35%: To get a good job and a strong return on investment in their study abroad decision-making. 

  .  33%: To get a higher quality of education.

  .  32%: To get the right study experience, exposure, and expertise for the field they want to pursue.

For Australia and New Zealand, there seems to be reduced student interest in the last two years because of border closures and travel restrictions. But the interest will get an increase when the borders repone.

As per the Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index (DT Index) 2020, organisations in India had fast-tracked their digital transformation projects across sectors due to the pandemic, and the rising interest in learning Advanced Technologies.

“Fuelled by the Digital India Mission, the government is providing opportunities across sectors to implement advanced technologies,” said Mr. Diwakar Chandiok, Recruitment Director, South Asia, INTO University Partnerships. 

As per Mr. Diwakar Chandiok “The integration of emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain in multiple fields have given tremendous benefits for India’s economic growth. Studying abroad enables students to become global citizens and get visibility on the technologies and methodologies deployed by other countries, which can help foster growth in India.

Indians remain upbeat as they explore new options amid COVID-19, and international education tops their list of priorities. 

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