How to Switch Programs While Studying Abroad in Canada

How to Switch Programs While Studying Abroad in Canada

You learn that the program you applied to isn't what you thought after being accepted to a Canadian university. Sounds recognizable? The good news is that you don't have to feel anxious or guilty about this realization, even if you do. While studying abroad, switching programs is not only doable but also not as challenging as you might assume! If you want to change programs, you don't need to make any changes to your study permission in Canada. Continue reading to learn how to modify your program while studying abroad.

Thinking About the Switch

If you're considering switching from your current program, consider the reasons behind your decision and the pros and cons. Because of the courses you've taken, you may decide to change your schedule because you've discovered that you're interested in something else. Or perhaps you have decided that you no longer want to pursue your existing ambitions since they don't match you. Whatever your justifications, it's critical that they are sincere and not predicated on transient circumstances, like class schedules or a course you dislike.

A helpful hint is to take a semester or two in the program you're interested in before deciding to switch.

Prepare for the Switch

You may take action to get ready for the switch if you've decided to move forward with changing your program. Consider the following crucial issues:

  • Whether you wish to continue attending the same school or transfer
  • If your credits can be transferred.
  • Whether your new program qualifies for the PGWP

If the same academic institution offers the curriculum you're looking for, sticking with them is usually a safe decision. There may be additional factors to take into account if you decide to switch institutions, such as:

  • Making the new school a Designated Learning Institution.
  • The timeframe for finishing your new program in accordance with your study permit.
  • If you're interested, whether the new program will support your application to become a permanent resident of Canada.

You must notify the Canadian Government of any changes in your chosen institution of higher learning if you so want.

Make the Switch

Ready to formally change over? After considering the aforementioned criteria, you can move forward with changing your program by using your student portal or by getting in touch with the school directly. You must use your online account to inform the Canadian government if you are transferring to a new university. Logging into your online account will allow you to access the "Designated Learning Institution Student Transfer" option, where you might need to provide additional data from your initial study permit.

Keep in mind that every province and territory has its specifications. An Acceptance Certificate is required if you are moving to Quebec from another province (QAC).

Adjust to the Switch

To ensure your future success after successfully switching programs, it's crucial to start forming healthy habits early on. Typical methods for easing into your new program include:

  • Selecting courses that support your academic and personal goals.
  • Building a network of friends in your new classes to provide support.
  • Trying various study methods.
  • Acquainting yourself with your new institution if you've switched.

Even when you know a change is ideal, it might be challenging at first. During this period, be aware that you might question your program change or experience discomfort with the new changes. Transitioning can be significantly facilitated if you begin developing healthy behaviors right away.

There are many options available to international students if their program isn't what they expected and want to change. There are options open to you, whether you wish to switch programs at the same institution or move institutions completely.

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