Masters In Economics In USA: An Overview

Masters In Economics In USA: An Overview

A lot of aspirant economists and predictors fly all the way to America for pursuing their education each year. This is for the reason that the US make available eminent economics education to scholars. Additionally, there is no dearth of occupations for ambitious economic expert/analysts in the US. In a nutshell, it’s completely worthy to study a course of Masters in economics from an American university. While taking this into account, here we are going to discuss with you all about the fundamental particulars that you need to understand if you are yearning to study a course of Masters in Economics in USA.

Why Study Economics Learning Program in the USA?

There are surely multiple reasons that why an individual want to pursue this as a course and career in their life. Each individual can have their personal reasons while planning to pursue economics as their career preference. Here we are talking about the fundamental reasons of why you need to study a course of Masters in economics in the USA:

  • There are about seven prime American universities that hold a rank on the list of the topmost 10 economics colleges all throughout the world.
  • Economics stands on the second rank on the most rising business in the US. If you are keen on learning more regarding the economics industry of America in detail, then please feel free to connect to our finest education counsellors for the US.
  • The US nation will produce approximately around 22,800 fresh jobs in the areas of economics by the year 2028.
  • By perusing a course of economics in America, you will get extensive access to astounding job prospects.
  • An experienced economist can make approximately $105,000 per annum while being employed in the US.
  • The economics education courses of the US are renowned internationally.

Top Universities

Some of the finest American universities are mentioned below for pursuing a course of masters in economics:

  • Boston University
  • Cornell University
  • Columbia University
  • Duke University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  • New York University
  • Stanford University
  • University of California
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Wisconsin

Course Highlights

The total course duration for a program of Masters in Economics from a reputed university in USA is 1.5 to 2 years. Throughout the entire training duration, you will pick up the skills and knowledge that are compulsory to confront the persistent challenges. In addition to this, you will also acquire more about the subjects such as econometrics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and more related topics. Above and beyond this, you will certainly acquire a lot of information regarding the fundamentals of challenges of international poverty, growth policy, data analytics, and more.

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Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility criteria that you must hold in order to pursue a course of Masters in Economics in USA can fluctuate amongst various universities and colleges. Nevertheless, the vital requirements are just about the same across all the universities in America. 

Below are mentioned the requirements you essentially need to meet up in order to be suitable to pursue a course of economics in the US:

  • 16 years of education
  • An undergraduate degree
  • GRE scorecard: 160 to 170
  • IELTS scorecard: 7.0
  • TOEFL scorecard: 93
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of funds
  • Visa, and more.

Necessary Documents

Here is a list of the documents that you need to keep available for submission if you are planning to studying a course of Masters in Economics in the US:

  • IELTS scorecard
  • TOEFL scorecard 
  • Official transcripts
  • Personal statement
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Resume
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Letter of acceptance and more.

Cost of Education

The total fee of completing a Master’s in Economics in the US academies costs an aspirant around $40,000 to 1,20,000 per annum. Still, the total fees can fluctuate in accordance with your preferred campus and academic program. In addition to this, you will approximately need around a total of $1600 to 3000 each month to manage your living outlays. In addition to this, abundant financial support programs are as well existing in the US for supporting worthy/outstanding scholars refuge their tuition fees.

Visa Procedure

Entire non-native aspirants need to attain a legal study permit to undertake a course of master’s in economics in the US. Visa procedure is quite a difficult hurdle and there are a few mandatory documents are essential to be submitted for a seamless visa procedure:

  • Acceptance Letter 
  • Admission fee receipt
  • Duplicate marksheets
  • Form I-20
  • Form DS-160
  • IELTS scorecard
  • Original academic transcripts
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of accommodation 
  • Return flight ticket
  • Statement of Purpose
  • TOEFL score card
  • Visa fee receipt
  • A few more documents.


Perusing a Master’s program in economics in the US can assuredly dig a vast pit in your sacks. This is accurate exclusively if you don’t have satisfactory funds/financial capitals. Coincidentally, numerous grants are existing for worldwide candidates in the US. The objective of these grants is to comfort the load of undergraduates. Here below we have listed the main scholarships for which you can apply to pursue a course of Master’s in Economics in the US:

  • Debesh Kamal Scholarships
  • Hsiao Economics Scholarships
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • KC Mahindra Scholarships
  • Ritchie- Jennings Memorial Scholarship
  • Rotary Foundation Graduate Scholarship Program

If you are interested to acquire more regarding any of these scholarships that are available for pursing a course of master’s in economics in detail please feel free to connect with our study in USA consultants at University Bureau.

Job Opportunities

A master’s degree in economics from the US, can support you eventually take up your career to all new altitudes. This is for the reason that the demand for economists and specialists is extremely vast in the US. Advantageously, you will be attaining substantial pay by employed as an economic expert or analyst in the US. 

Next, we have mentioned the numerous career options that you can opt for after attaining an economics degree from the US:

  • Accountant
  • Actuary
  • Compensation and Benefits Supervisor
  • Credit Analyst
  • Economist
  • Economic Counsellor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Administrators
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Investor Relations Assistant


The US is the most ideal location for you specially if you are planning to pursue a course of masters in economics in the US. The American economics businesses are rising at a quick leap. Above and beyond this, the courses of economics in America are astonishing and support scholars to reveal access to boundless career prospects. Therefore, if you are an aspirant economist then you need to complete your entire education in an American university.

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