MS in UK for Indian Students

MS in UK for Indian Students


The number of students going for a Master's degree is increasing every year. As of now, only ≈12% of the students go for an MS or any equivalent course. The main reason behind this small figure is contentment.


Most of the students go for a job instead of higher studies. Investing more time and money feels unnecessary when you are earning a keep just by graduating.


However, there is a newfound interest among youngsters for MS. Indian students understand the potential of a Master's degree in terms of knowledge and career.


Indian students are gravitating towards the UK because of their world-class MS courses.


If you want to understand the reason behind growing MS applications in the UK, you need to understand what it means to have a UK Master's degree.


In this article, we will cover all the aspects of pursuing MS in the UK and what it takes to get there.


Let's get started.


Why Study MS in the UK?


Every country that is capable of hosting international students is offering appealing scholarships and programs. So, what makes the UK one of the top destinations for MS?


Here is a list of reasons that makes it all the more convincing to apply for MS in the UK:


Top-ranked Universities


Uk houses one of the best educational infrastructures in the world. You don't have to take my word for it, the stats speak for themselves.


Over 90 UK universities earned their spot in the 2022 QS world ranking, making it second only to the USA. If you consider the total number of universities in the US and UK, you will find that the UK is going neck to neck with the USA in terms of quality education.


British universities didn't just make it on the list, 4 out of the top 10 universities are in the UK itself.


World-class Education


It takes a lot more than just a good curriculum to make it to the QS rankings. British universities are equipped with a good curriculum, faculties, facilities, diversity, and corporate network.


The UK is constantly rising as an education hub for international students. Despite its small landmass and a limited number of universities, it is getting recognition on the basis of its high education standards.


Internationally Acclaimed Degrees


Big names like Oxford, Cambridge, and UCL are recognized all around the world. Any diploma or degree from such prestigious institutions can land you a job anywhere in the world.


Also, consecutively earning its place in the top education institutions adds up to its credibility in the education world.


English-speaking Country


English is something every Indian student is familiar with. Even if you are not the best, it is still better than learning a language from scratch.


Work on your basics and you can easily make it through any language proficiency test. It will also discard any communication barrier between you and your educators. It is important to have a comprehensible medium to learn efficiently.


As a bonus, you will get an exposure to the world's best-spoken English as British people are very particular about their language.


Affordable Education


Education in the UK is not among the cheapest but it is significantly more affordable than most American universities.


As an icing on the cake, there are plenty of education programs and scholarships exclusively designed for international students. You can benefit from these programs to earn a fee waiver.


Also, every city in the UK is not expensive. If you plan your education accordingly, you can save a lot on the cost of living in the UK.



Different Types of Masters in the UK


As an Indian student, you should do your homework before applying for MS in a British university.


It is important to understand the different types of Master's courses offered by universities in the UK. It will help you break down your search and see what works best for you.


Broadly, British universities offer two types of Masters in the UK:


Taught Masters


Just like any other undergraduate program, students pursuing a taught master's are expected to attend regular lectures, seminars, and tutorials. At the end of the session, students are graded via exams, projects, or dissertations.


There are four major types of taught masters:


  • MA: Master of Arts
  • MSc: Master of Science
  • MBA: Master of Business Administration
  • MEng: Master of Engineering


A taught masters usually last around 1-2 years.


Research Masters


A research master's revolves around a research project that a student performs under the guidance of an academic. In such programs, a student doesn't rely on lectures and seminars, instead, they take responsibility for their work and schedule. 


The most pursued research course is PhD which usually takes around 3-4 years. Over the course of 4 years, students work on a thesis consisting of 60,000-1,00,000 words.


If you are not willing to go for such an academically demanding program, you can pursue an equivalent research master's course like an MSc (Master of Science), MPhil (Master of Philosophy), or MRes (Master of Research).


What is Pre-Masters in the UK?


MS is a postgraduate course that requires an eligible undergraduate course beforehand. If your previous qualification is not enough to get you into an MS course in the UK, you should consider doing a pre-master.


Lack of eligibility is not the case with every student. Sometimes, international students prefer pre-masters before getting into the master's course. It can benefit you in many ways:


  • You will get accustomed to British English. It will come in handy while learning and interacting while studying in the UK.


  • UK universities have high education standards. A pre-master can improve your research and presentation skills.


  • Some undergraduate courses are not enough to apply for an MS. A pre-masters will bridge the gap for you.


If British universities intimidate you and you have money to spare, pre-masters is the best way to prepare you for a full-fledged MS in the UK.


Popular Master Courses in the UK


Most international students go for a course that complements their previous qualifications. However, there is no harm in traversing through the most-preferred MS courses in the UK.


If you are eligible, there is always an option to switch to a course that offers much better career prospects in the future. Or it could be a passion of yours that you failed to understand during your graduation.


Well, here is the list of most popular MS courses in the UK:


Computer Science


In every country, computer science is a high-demand course for graduation as well as post-graduation. It has immense career opportunities for students. MS in computer science is the first choice of international students in the UK.




The UK has one of the most aesthetic infrastructures. Many buildings and monuments are prime examples of marvelous architecture. If you pursue MS in Architecture from the UK, you will not only get high quality education but also first-hand experience of world-class architecture.




Management and Finance are highly-sought after master's courses in the UK. In the UK, financial services and executive management are the highest paying jobs. You can make a rich career out of management streams.




A Master's course in Marketing is a flexible stream with a wide range of career opportunities. Every company relies on its marketing team for growth and expansion. International students think highly of a Marketing course in the UK.




Now, this one is a very particular course with very specific requirements. Students still gravitate towards Masters in Psychology in the UK. Many international students go all the way to the UK to get a degree in Psychology.


Eligibility Criteria for Masters in the UK


Getting into a globally acknowledged educational institution in the UK is no easy feat. There are certain requirements you need to fulfill as a student as well as an Indian resident.


Here are the eligibility criteria you need to fulfill as a student for MS in the UK:


  • Just like any other Master's course, you need an undergraduate or equivalent degree to apply for MS in the UK.


  • Your undergraduate degree should resonate with the MS course you are applying for. You can switch streams as long as your previous education is relevant to the MS.


  • India is a non-English country. Therefore, you need to submit a language proficiency test with a decent score.


The minimum acceptable score for different language proficiency tests are as follows:


IELTS: 6.0 - 7.0

TOEFL: 90 -100

PTE: 60


  • Another basic eligibility parameter is your GRE or GMAT score.


  • Now, this one is optional but if you have a job experience after graduation, make sure you mention it with proof in your application.


Here is another list of requirements that you need to fulfill as an international student:


  • India doesn't fall under visa-exempted countries for the UK. Therefore, you need a study permit to pursue MS in the UK.


To apply for a study permit, you require:


  • Updated resume
  • Two or more acceptance letters
  • Purpose statement
  • All academic records
  • Language proficiency test score
  • Other required documents.



  • To collect your study permit from the UK, you need a travel visa, which in turn requires:


  • Passport
  • Proof of funds
  • Acceptance letter
  • Personal statement


Every university or country has some exclusive requirements. Therefore, you should update yourself and arrange for all the required documents beforehand.


Cost of Studying Masters in the UK


The cost of studying MS in the UK is broadly categorized into three major expenses: Pre-arrival cost, tuition fees, and cost of living.


Pre-Arrival cost


It consists of all the expenses incurred to arrange all the required documents, application form, visa, etc.


Here is a rough idea of your pre-arrival cost:


  • Student visa: 350 GBP
  • GRE: 166 GBP / GMAT: 250 GBP
  • IELTS: 160-180 GBP / TOEFL: 300-920 GBP


You should always assume some additional expenses beforehand.


Tuition Fees


Your tuition fees depend on the course as well as the university. The cost of the same program can vary from university to university. MS in the UK can range from 16,000 to 37,500 GBP.


Cost of Living


The cost of living also varies from city to city. Your accommodation covers the biggest portion of your living expenses. Therefore, it can fluctuate from hostels to independent apartments.


Here is a broad picture of annual living expenses in the UK:


Accommodation: 5000 GBP

Transportation: 250 GBP

Utilities: 500-730 GBP

Study material: 400 GBP

Food and Household: 1500 GBP


Job Opportunities in UK After Masters


Most students land high-end jobs after completing their MS in the UK. According to the new guidelines, any student completing their graduation or postgraduation course from the UK is eligible for a 2-year post-study work visa.


Even if you wish to take your work life anywhere else, every leading corporate welcomes MS students from the UK with open arms.


An MS from the UK is a high return on investment course. It brings a lot more than an average MS from an average university. 




In the coming years, most of the senior technical posts will be reserved for MS holders. Indian students can skyrocket their careers by pursuing their MS in the UK. It is a lifetime opportunity that will help you enhance your knowledge and skills even further. Start your application process today and shape your career in your dream company.


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