Pursuing A UG Travel And Tourism Course In Canada

Pursuing A UG Travel And Tourism Course In Canada

One of the most well-liked tourist attractions worldwide is Canada. It is the second-largest nation. With the longest coastline in the globe, it is safe to say that there are many breathtaking natural sights. The demand for qualified specialists in the business has increased as a result of the travel industry's exponential growth since the border's global reopening. With a starting salary of CAD $23,000, travel and tourism schools in Canada are a great entry point into this field (INR 17,10,648).

Why Attend Canadian Travel & Tourism Courses?

For students who want to learn about unusual lifestyles, tourism studies has emerged as the top option. It is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Canada. People who enjoy travelling and are passionate about discovering different cultures and cuisines are the greatest candidates for these travel and tourism courses. It is also appropriate for those who prefer showing off their local expertise to others.

In Canada, there are fantastic opportunities to make your dreams of travel a reality. Regardless of their age or level of expertise, Canadians place a high value on the education their students receive. As a result, taking travel and tourism courses in Canada would help you learn more while giving you a chance to study under some of the greatest.

Courses in Travel and Tourism

In Canada, there are postgraduate diplomas and master's degrees available for those interested in studying travel and tourism. Among them are:

  • A fast-track path into one of the most dynamic businesses in the world is hospitality and tourism operations management. For students who are interested in taking travel and tourism courses in Canada, there are amazing alternatives accessible. You can acquire the abilities required in the field with this programme.
  • Managing Festivals and Events: This programme equips students who desire to study travel and tourism in Canada with the foundational information and abilities required to succeed in the industry. The groundwork for working in the field is set by this.
  • Adventure Studies: A foundation in tourism-related topics like marketing, cultural considerations, applied research techniques, product operations, and risk management is provided by this course.
  • Tourism Experience Management: This programme provides a foundation for individuals interested in studying travel and tourism in Canada. This course is excellent since it covers topics like environmental concerns and product creation.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: This curriculum looks at the key tenets and theories influencing the travel and hospitality sectors.
  • Tourism Management: Through this course, students can learn how to turn the industry's economic, cultural, and environmental problems into possibilities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have completed their secondary board exams with a minimum score of 60 to 70% and be over the age of 18. (can be more depending on the college).
  • A total IELTS score of six or above.
  • At least 60% in English in the 12th grade.
  • Some specific exams may call for math.
  • Some work or internship experience in the relevant field.

Travel and Tourism Courses in Canada

  • Diploma in Tourism: Travel Services Management
  • Diploma in Food Tourism
  • Diploma in Tourism Techniques
  • Diploma in Baking and Pastry Arts Management
  • Diploma in Culinary Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality Skills
  • Diploma in Bartending
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Food Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Tourism Development
  • Bachelor of Hotel and Food Administration
  • Bachelor of Global Tourism Management
  • BA (Hons) in Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • MS Hospitality Management Studies 
  • MA Tourism Management
  • MA Hospitality Management
  • MA Sustainable Leisure Management
  • Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management

Best Universities for Travel and Tourism Courses

The best universities in Canada for students interested in studying travel and tourism are listed below.
1. Vancouver Island University
2. Humber College
3. Thompson Rivers University
4. University of Waterloo
5. Dalhousie University
6. Niagara College
7. University of Guelph
8. Royal Roads University
9. Centennial College
10. Seneca College

Cost of Travel and Tourism Courses on Average

The annual cost of taking travel and tourism courses in Canada is between CAD 15,000 and 20,000. This amounts to roughly INR 9–15 lakhs annually. Depending on the type of course and the length of time, different prices apply.

The Purpose and Payoff of Canadian Travel and Tourism Courses

There are travel and tourism prospects in every region of Canada. However, there is a labour shortage right now. This indicates that fewer people are enrolling in travel and tourism programmes in Canada than are required by the industry.

  • As the second-largest nation in the globe, Canada is always looking to increase the number of workers in the travel and leisure industry.
  • Travelers and visitors from all over the world flock to Canada. A student who has completed an appropriate course in travel and tourism will be accepted into the field nearly immediately.
  • Canadians are in high demand as employees by airlines. There is a severe labour shortage at many of Toronto's hotel chains.
  • Students who enrol in travel and tourism programmes in Canada can choose from a variety of profiles.
  • The annual wage range for these positions is between 30,000 and 90,000 CAD. This amounts to roughly INR 18–45 lakhs annually.

Job Profiles

People who have studied travel and tourism in Canada will be employed in a variety of various subindustries. among recent graduates in travel and tourism are these popular career categories:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Service Tour Guide
  • Resort Manager
  • Travel Planner
  • Event Coordinator
  • Tour Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Guest Relations Officer
  • Food and Beverage Server
  • Front Desk Officer
  • Customer Service Representative

Why pursue a UG degree in travel and tourism in Canada?

Internationally, there is a huge need for professionals with Canadian degrees in hotel and tourism management. This is due to the excellent travel and tourism training they provide to applicants. In conclusion, enrolling in a travel and tourism course at a Canadian institution is worthwhile. You should think about enrolling in a UG travel and tourism programme in Canada for the reasons listed below:

  • Professionals in tourism management with degrees from Canada are quite employable.
  • Universities in Canada provide students with excellent training in tourism and travel. 
  • Canadian-educated tourism management professionals have access to the best job prospects.
  • You can build critical skills necessary for becoming a skilled tourist management professional by enrolling in a travel or tourism programme in the country.
  • You receive a post-study work visa for working in Canada once you have finished your tourism course in the nation.

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