What Are The Costs Of Studying In Italy

What Are The Costs Of Studying In Italy

Italy is one of the most sought-after study destinations for international students, not just for its beautiful scenery but also because the nation is home to a number of top-notch academic institutions that experience a fierce rush of applicants each academic year. The affordability of studying and living in Italy compared to other European nations is another factor in its popularity as a study abroad destination. 

Main Highlights

The top educational facilities in Italy provide high-quality instruction at a relatively affordable price. Various programmes and levels of study have varying costs for studying in Italy. Here is a brief breakdown of the price of attending college in Italy:

Tuition Fees – Public Universities €1000 – €4000/year
Tuition Fees – Private Universities €7000 – €20000/year 
Accommodation Costs €400 – €700/month
Food and Transportation Costs €250 – €250/month

Cost of Living in Italy for International Students

Let's get a quick overview of the cost of living in Italy for international students now that we have a basic understanding of the cost of living in Italy. Between 700 and 1,500 EUR per month should be budgeted for living expenditures for international students studying in Italy. These costs cover items like housing, food, transportation, local travel, and possibly entertainment. Although it's wonderful to live in Italy, keep in mind that Rome and Milan are more expensive than other Italian cities. Check out the cost of living for students in these Italian student cities on a monthly basis:

Top cities in Italy Cost of living in EUR (per month) Cost of Living INR (per month)
Milan 900- 1500 75K- 1.25 Lakhs
Rome 870- 1400 66.8K- 1.16 Lakhs
Florence 850- 1300 71K- 1.08 Lakhs
Bologna 750- 1100 62K- 92K

Housing & Accommodation Costs in Italy

The cost of lodging in Italy varies greatly based on the city you live in and the kind of lodging you choose. You can reduce costs by living in an apartment with other students, or you can choose to live with an Italian family nearby, which will let you learn more about their culture and save you a sizable chunk of money. In general, you can anticipate paying anywhere from €300 to €700 a month for lodging. Students who choose shared housing should expect to pay between €250 and €500 per month, while those who live alone must pay roughly €400 to €700 per month. Student housing is far less expensive, running between €250 and €300 per month.

Cleaning Services in Italy

In Italy, cleaning service costs €12 per hour (INR 1141).

Groceries Cost in Itlay

Along with lodging, you will also need to budget for meals and travel. If you get your goods from the low-cost neighbourhood supermarkets, you will typically need between €150 and €200 per month. Any mid-range Italian restaurant will charge you between €8 and €16 for a dinner, plus any additional fees. Public transportation is the most practical way to commute in Italy because it is reasonably inexpensive.

Depending on the city you live in, a monthly bus, tram, or metro ticket may run you anywhere from €25 to €45. If you want to go to other Italian cities, trains are another inexpensive option. If you purchase your train tickets in advance, you can receive discounts of up to 70%.

Utilities Cost in Italy

An apartment of 85 square metres would normally cost between EUR 100 and EUR 150 for electricity, gas, and water (INR 8,358 to INR 12,540). It would cost approximately EUR 20 (INR 1,672) or EUR 30 per month to use the Internet (INR 2,508). The typical mobile phone bill in Italy costs EUR 140 per month (INR 11,706). Price variations between communes are frequent and normally use a sliding scale.

Mobile Bill/Wi-Fi Cost in Italy

The following are the typical costs for using the internet and a cell phone in Italy:

  • 28 – 37 euros/month
  • Router + installation: 50 euros + 25 euros one-off payment.

There are primarily 4 significant mobile companies there:

  • Vodafone
  • Tim
  • Three
  • Wind

Healthcare & Insurance in Italy

One of the best healthcare systems in the world is frequently cited as being in Italy. Additionally, you will be treated better. Additionally, private health insurance may be utilised to supplement the federal health insurance programme, increasing access to healthcare. Because of this, a private doctor's visit in Italy costs between EUR 80 to EUR 90 (INR 6,692 to INR 7,529), but over-the-counter medications and antibiotics only cost EUR 8 (INR 669). You might be able to access services more quickly if you have private health insurance than if you have public health insurance. The two types of private insurance are individual and corporate. The company's insurance occasionally extends to the employee's family.

Health Card

For all individuals who are qualified for benefits from the Italian National Health Service and have a tax code, the Italian health insurance card (Tessera sanitaria) has taken the place of the Italian fiscal code card. On the back is a European Health Insurance Card. In accordance with Article 50 of DL 269/2003, as amended by law 326/2003, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, along with the Italian Agency of Revenue, issued the Italian Health Insurance Card for Italian citizens. The Italian Health Insurance Card aims to enhance social security services by reducing costs, enhancing performance, and maximising locals' use of medical services.

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Commuting & Transportation Costs in Italy

Depending on the city, transportation in Italy varies in price. The simplest and most useful kind of transportation is typically public transportation. Depending on where you live in Italy, monthly transportation expenses might be anywhere from EUR 25 and EUR 35 (INR 2,091 and INR 2,928). Numerous cities provide bicycle rentals. It costs EUR 20 (INR 1,673) to travel by train in Italy, though there are some discounts offered if you reserve in advance.

Car Ownership Cost

Owners of a section in 2018 In Italy, the average cost per car per year was 2,263 euros. Over 1.6 thousand euros of these were spent on petrol, while 164 euros on average were spent on auto repairs and vehicle taxes.
Public Transportation Cost

For individuals above the age of 26, a monthly full ticket for public transportation costs between 30 and 40 EUR. For instance, it costs 35 euros in Milan.

Leisure/Entertainment Costs in Italy

Leisure/Entertainment Expenses Cost (EUR) Cost (INR)
Cinema ticket 8 669
Fitness club, monthly fee 48 4,010
Renting a tennis court, 1 hour 18 1,503
Pair of mid-range running shoes 80 6,683
Pair of top-quality jeans 77 6,433
Summer dress from a chain store 30 2,506

Cost of Studying in Italy

Tuition Fees – Public Universities EUR 900 – EUR 4000/year 
Tuition Fees – Private Universities EUR 6000 – EUR 20000/year 
Accommodation Costs EUR 300 – EUR 700/month 
Food & Transportation Costs EUR 150 – EUR 250/month 

Public School

The price of attending public schools in Italy is listed below.

Tuition Fees – Public Universities EUR 900 – EUR 4000/year 

International/Private Schools

The price of attending international or private schools in Italy is listed below.

Tuition Fees – Private Universities EUR 6000 – EUR 20000/year 

Tuition Fees in Italy

Italian colleges have substantially cheaper tuition costs than those in various other European nations. Italy's universities and other higher education institutions set their own tuition rates, but they must follow government regulations regarding the lowest and highest amounts that can be charged.

Depending on the university, degree, and level of study, public universities in Italy might charge an average tuition price of between €900 and €4,000 per year. Private universities are more expensive, with annual tuition rates ranging from €6000 to €20,000. The tuition costs in Italy vary for students from the EU and outside the EU as well as for different universities, courses, and degree levels.  

Here’s a look at some of Italy’s most popular universities, as well as the fees they charge from international students:

University  Average Tuition fee per year in euros Average Tuition fee per year in INR
University of Pavia €5,000 INR 4.75 Lakhs
University of Padua €3,000 INR 2.85 Lakhs
University of Milan €4,000 INR 3.80 Lakhs
University of Genoa €3,000 INR 2.85 Lakhs
Sacred Heart University €15,800 INR 15.03 Lakhs
Sapienza University €1,000 INR 95K
The Polytechnic University of Milan €4,000 INR 3.80 Lakhs
IULM University of Milan €9,800 INR 9.32 Lakhs
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice €2,000 INR 1.90 Lakhs
University of Trento €4,000 INR 3.80 Lakhs

Most Affordable Universities in Italy

1. University of Camerino
2. Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
3. University of Pisa
4. Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria

Can you Study for Free in Italy? 

There are several opportunities in Italy to learn for nothing or at very low cost. Your household's income determines the cost of attending public colleges. Depending on your unique situation, you might be able to earn your degree for nothing or for very little money. Every institution in Italy sets its own income threshold, or the amount of income below which there are no tuition fees.

You must submit a number of documents in order for your family's income to be evaluated (the "ISEE" evaluation) in order to be considered. Unfortunately, many colleges do not offer this option to non-EU students. Don't give up trying to learn for free if you are unable to. Costs for even the most expensive programmes are lower than in other well-known European locations. And when you think how much fun studying in Italy will be, it will surely be worthwhile! Scholarship applications are also accepted from foreign students.

Student Visa

International students who wish to pursue academic studies in Italy must submit an application for a type "D" visa and secure a residence permit within eight days of their arrival. Around €50 is required to apply for a student visa to study in Italy (around Rs. 4354). Individuals who are not citizens of Schengen nations must have travel or health insurance that covers the cost of repatriation and medical care. A visa for admission into Italy won't be issued in any scenario if the applicant can't show proof of travel insurance.

Similar to Italian citizens, international visitors are entitled to free medical care in public hospitals. A European Health Insurance Card, which serves as appropriate identification that you are completely insured, is required in order to begin such treatments for yourself. When budgeting for the cost of studying in Italy, keep this in mind.

Extra Costs while Studying in Italy

  • The monthly cost of phone and internet services may range from 30 to 50 EUR.
  • Weekly expenses for entertainment and social activities range from 30 to 40 EUR.
  • The monthly cost of books and other study materials may range from 40 to 50 EUR.

Average Cost of Living in Italy

Miscellaneous Expenses Cost (EUR) Cost (INR)
Cinema ticket 8 669
Fitness club, monthly fee 48 4,010
Renting a tennis court, 1 hour 18 1,503
Pair of mid-range running shoes 80 6,683
Pair of top-quality jeans 77 6,433
Summer dress from a chain store 30 2,506


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