What Is The Procedure To Study Abroad

What Is The Procedure To Study Abroad

You undoubtedly want to attend the best institution that fits your profile, and University Bureau has created special resources to provide step-by-step help during the entire process. Students that apply through University Bureau benefit from our methodical approach and network with universities.

University Bureau is a one-stop shop for all of your needs related to studying abroad.

Our organisation has one clear goal: to direct students to the top institutions so they can create a future for themselves. We can choose the best university for each student using our knowledge and experience. Remember that we are the stepping stones for their future and that their success is indissolubly correlated with our success.

The Steps To Study Abroad Are As Follows: 

1. For Free Counseling, come see our counsellor.

If you're unsure of which career to pursue, "University Bureau" will lead you through a series of questions and help you find answers that are best suited to your profile and set of requirements, guaranteeing that you select the optimal Career Path.

Financially and emotionally, applying for higher education abroad is a significant choice. To make the best choice, you must put in the necessary time and effort.

2. Choosing a country, courses, and institutions

In addition to the Universities we represent, we offer assistance to help you get into the Universities that would best suit your personal, academic, and financial profile. After carefully examining your profile, our counsellors use their extensive expertise and experience to map you to the best university and course for you, saving you time and money in the process.

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3. Practice for Tests

A standardised English proficiency test is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). It evaluates a student's proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening in the English language.

The TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a standardised English proficiency test that rates a person's competency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening in English.

Candidates who plan to continue their education at the undergraduate or graduate level must take the TOEFL to prove they are proficient in English.

PTE - PTE Academic is a computer-based test that evaluates non-native English speakers' abilities in Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. Non-native English speakers need to demonstrate their academic English proficiency to gain admission to English-speaking universities and other higher education institutions, or to demonstrate their language proficiency for a visa application. Around the world, 3000 courses—in the UK, Australia, the USA, etc.—accept the test.

Candidates who want to be admitted to graduate management programmes at management education institutions across the world must take the GMAT, often known as the Graduate Management Admission Test. The GMAT is intended to assist graduate business schools in determining whether students are qualified for further study in business and management. More than 3,000 graduate management programmes worldwide accept GMAT scores.

Candidates intending to enrol in graduate programs, particularly in the fields of engineering and sciences at educational institutions in the USA, must take the GRE, also known as the Graduate Record Examination, which is a well-known admissions test. The GRE is made to assist graduate institutions in determining if applicants are qualified for further technical study. More than 3,000 graduate programs worldwide accept GRE results.

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a well-known entrance exam that applicants who wish to enrol in undergraduate programs, especially in the United States and Singapore, must take.

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4. Scholarship, visa, and financial assistance advice

International students are given scholarships and financial help based on their academic merit and financial need.

All grants will be given at the institution's Scholarship Committee's discretion. Candidates who excel in the classroom, do well on standardised tests, and have extracurricular accomplishments are eligible for scholarships and financial aid.

Free Visa Advice for Everyone

We support you throughout the full visa procedure, including application completion, financial statement preparation, interview preparation, and more.

The consulates frequently inform us of the most recent Visa requirements and guidelines, and we have a success rate of more than 99%. All University Bureau students from all nations are eligible for free visa assistance.

Complete guidance on Educational Loans

We provide thorough advice on educational loans as well as rapid and simple support. In addition to having partnerships with reputable private banks and financial institutions, we also have a list of nationalised banks that offer loans at competitive rates.

We also assist you throughout the full process, from application to required papers, eligibility requirements, and bank selection.

5. Participate in pre-departure and arrival at your research location.


Appropriate information is given to assist you in moving, travelling, and settling abroad before you arrive in the new country of your choice.

The pre-departure seminar gives students a glimpse into the numerous parts of student life that they will experience while studying abroad. The "University Bureau"-hosted pre-departures are well-run and well-attended by students in each country.

Meeting other students and their parents who are going overseas and perhaps to the same university gives you the chance to network.We also give every student a very current and thorough Pre-Departure Kit before they go.No student should skip the most thorough session before leaving India—the University Bureau Pre-departure.

Education Consultant

No matter the location, institution, course, or degree of study, University Bureau streamlines and customises the procedure for each student. Throughout the application process, our team of skilled specialists will give you personalised attention and excellent guidance. We offer help with choosing courses, getting accepted, getting a visa, getting a bank loan, and getting scholarships.

For direct student involvement, we also host University representatives. All of these services are free. We have been operating since 2021 and have built solid relationships with more than 1500+ universities across 100 countries, providing us a unique perspective on the world's top educational institutions.

Start your education abroad with useful knowledge on everything you should know about studying abroad, from study permits to temporary resident visas and the cost to locating a program.

Visit University Bureau (https://universitybureau.com/), carefully consider your university options with our advice, and make sure all of your paperwork is in order. After submitting your application and the waiting period is finished, you can start to anticipate not just studying in a stunning and lively nation, but also having a unique experience in life.

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