International Students Can Work Unlimited Hours in Australia Until July 2023

International Students Can Work Unlimited Hours in Australia Until July 2023

There are many reasons why Australia is a popular choice for overseas students, and this is one of them. Early in 2022, the Australian government lowered the hours that those with student visas might work. Even while enrolled in classes, international students can work as much as they choose.

The federal government declared that these unlimited labor privileges would be effective until June 30, 2023. At that point, the number of hours will be limited to 40 per fortnight (two weeks) of study time.

According to the administration, "the number of hours will be subject to dialogue to strike the correct balance between job and education." Still, it left the door open for those restrictions to change again.

The Benefits of Working Unlimited Hours

This buffer gives current overseas students studying in Australia plenty of time to put in as many hours as they require. It also applies to anyone with a student visa in Australia, including current students and new arrivals, who can work before starting their studies.

Australia wants to address persistent labor shortages by eliminating the standard limit of 40 hours per fortnight and replacing it with an unrestricted hours policy for students.

This strategy will still be very advantageous to international students in 2023. They'll be able to support themselves better financially and choose their work-study schedules thanks to increased flexibility. Students must continue to succeed in their studies to maintain their student visa status, and they are still in charge of juggling their employment and study obligations.

More Reasons to Choose Australia

reasons to choose australia for study

This information is released when Australia is making several efforts to draw and retain international students in its country. There is clear support from the government for overseas students not just at the federal level but also at the state level.

Working a limitless number of hours through 2023, Australian students can additionally take advantage of the following:

  • The recent expansion of post-study work rights permits graduates of highly sought-after programs to remain and work in Australia for an additional two years.
  • 195,000 is the new cap on skilled immigration for this fiscal year.
  • More overseas students than ever have access to Australian jobs
  • The elimination of the requirement for masks on international flights to Australia, making travel there simpler and more comfortable
  • Bursaries and incentives provided by state governments, such as the state of Western Australia

For overseas students, Australia remains a desirable location. These eased employment privileges and other ongoing policies demonstrate that overseas students in Australia may be successful both during and after their education.

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