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Apr 2022

Why To Study In Canada

Canada is the most preferred and sought-after country for higher education by Indian students. It offers high-quality education topped with internship opportunities, post-study work, and immigration, thus creating a perfect combination for Indian students.

Students who ....

Most Preferred Courses to Study in Abroad

As per the survey, 18 % of the Indian students prefer Engineering subject to study abroad, followed by Computer Science which 12 percent Indian students prefer and Business Studies which is prefer by 11 percent Indian students. 


More speci....

Canada's Immigration Levels Plan for 2022–2024

Canada's Immigration Levels Plan for 2022-2024 was just released. Between 2022 and 2024, the Canadian government plans to welcome nearly 430,000 additional immigrants.

The goal of Canadian immigration is to assist refugees, reunite families, and enhance the economy.....

How to Apply for a Study Permit in Canada?

Over the last decade, Canada has made its place among the most sought-after countries for foreign education. Every year thousands of students apply for a Canadian student visa.

Now the question arises...


Why Canada?


MBA in Canada : All you need to know

MBA colleges in Canada are ranked among the top educational institutions in the world.

Canadian colleges are flooded with applications every year and an MBA is one of the most desirable courses.


Increasing popularity leads to misleading inform....

May 2022

Benefits of Studying Abroad For Indian Students

Studying abroad is the best way to boost your career. A decade ago, people were very skeptical about going abroad for higher education because of the high cost and security concerns. Now, favorable education policies, return value, and accepting culture changed the picture of foreign educ....